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Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi

this is the funniest manga about a guy with OCD ever! Death the Kid? Senda just used his hazmat suit to kick him to the curb

it’s about this guy named Senda who on a fateful day went to the amusement park and saw this guy pick his nose then touch the entire ride’s seat so then he became distrustful of his surroundings. and it just follows his crazy life and how he can deal with romance and friendship too.

it’s shounen and shoujo with a lot of comedy and the story is hilarious so if you love a good fun read, this is for you.

some other mangas by the same mangaka are:

Jiujiu which is a sad story about a girl who lost her brother when she was little because her family hunts demons. so she decided that if people were going to die then she didn’t need anyone around her like friends. then she meets these two werewolves and it turns into a really touching story.

Sarashi Asobi is about a shinigami who likes to kill time by playing games with the people he meets. so when he meets Ren, a high school girl who is a huge tsundere and is always saying harsh things but actually means something else, he decides to play an exposing game with her before she dies. and then they become close and he slowly learns to trust people again and it’s a sweet little romance.


this another great new shoujo that has a past life thing too but it’s shiomi chika so you know it’s a good manga.

it’s about a writer named yukari who writes a lot of really good novels about the red light district in the edo period (?) but doesn’t have to do any research about the time because he can remember some stuff about his past life. then, a fan of his books (mahoro) comes and visits him and her visit triggers something and he starts to take these mental journeys into moments of his past life and slowly helps the people who were reincarnated into his time.

the art is gorgeous and the story is funny so if you like historical romances, you’ll like this

some of her other works are rasetsu and yurara no tsuki. those are the only two that i read anyways but they’re both about supernatural stuff so if you like ghosts and exorcists and romance, read those!

Suzuki Julietta

i absolutely love this mangaka! her stories are cute, hilarious, and the art is amazing

some of my favorite mangas by her are:

Kamisama Hajimemashita which is about a girl whose dad gets a lot of debts and she gets kicked out her house. then she “defends” a man that she meets from a dog and he tells her that she should go to his house if she’s got nowhere to go. it turns out that he was th previous god of the shrine and now he’s made her the new god and from now on she has to live in a shrine with a grumpy (and sexy) familiar and two other spirits and it follows her crazy story of godhood.

akuma to dolce is about a girl who uses magic circles to summon demons to help her when she needs help sometimes and since demons love sweet things she can make the best pastries. one day, she accidently summons a strong demon named beaut and after tasting her sweets, they become friends and it’s a really sweet romance.

another manga is karakuri odette and it’s about this robot who was built by a genius scientist so she looks exactly like a human and how she goes to school and slowly learns about making friends and having a school life and falling in love. it’s cute and touching at some points so read this too!

and finally: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (unfortunately i can’t remember any mangas with thanksgiving scenes but if i do, I’ll post it ASAP)

Idol Mangas

to respond to memi esperanza’s comment, i’ve decided to add a post that contains all of the mangas i have read about idols


-Skip Beat!


-Charming Junkie

-Charisma Doll

-Honey Hunt (if you’re bored…..)

-Uta no Prince-sama (only if you really like harems and hot guys! other than that, it’s kinda lame. there’s an anime too)

-Penguin Revolution

-Full Moon Wo Sagashite

-Seiyuu ka-!

-Film Girl

-Mishounen Produce

-Mobius Doumei

I hope this list keeps you busy for a while! and if you have any other requests on recommendations, just pop a comment

Himegimi To Sanbiki No Kemono

this is another great shoujo that has really  hot guys and a strong female lead so i loved it

the story was about a country’s princess and the queen that always made her stay indoors and not really do anything. one day a note arrives saying that the infamous three beats will come and steal the treasure that was left with the princess by the former king. when those thieves arrive, a lot of stuff happens and it just turns into a touching and hilarious story.

if you love a good shoujo and love strong princess characters, you’ll like this one

some other mangas by the same mangaka are nageku shinigami (a great shoujo oneshot but it gets really sad and it has a really sweet romance) and hadaka no oujisama (a funny oneshot about a rich kid who is forced to go and live in an apartment and learn to live humbly)

1/2 Love

here is a new promising manga! it’s sweet, cute, and it’s got a pretty cliched story but it’s the good cliche

the plot is about  girl who is shy but is a huge fan of the popular idol unit with two girls called “flower”. after she’s asked to perform what of flower’s songs for some kids, two guys see (clearly the flower members) and see that she has talent. when she goes to their concert, the new member that was supposed to be introduced was injured and so they made her step in and she was a huge hit. afterwards, she finds out that the girls from flower are guys and it was very cliched but i still liked it

the art was gorgeous and the story has a promising romance between them so check it out if you like cute idol romances

Issho ni Neyou yo

i just want to set one thing straight, even though the title is kind of weird it is not at all an ecchi manga

this is about a girl who got into an incident with her sister’s baby (don’t want to spoil it!)  and runs away from home. while she’s on the run she gets rescued by a masked stranger and starts staying with him and all the other wacky people in the house.

The story is sort of sad and exaggerates a lot but ti’s  cute story. the art also had an old-ish feeling even though it was written in 2008 but i guess i just don’t like her hair.

the plot gets really sweet and it’s a really refreshing shoujo so read it if you like strong characters and romance.