TAKAGI Shigeyoshi

i just realized that i really love shoujo mangas but here’s an amazing mangaka who wrote a lot of good romances. Plus the art is absolutely gorgeous and they’re all good reads.

there’s film girl and if you’re into mangas about models and romance but without the whole drama stuff it’s perfect.

hana ni arashi is about a rich guy who fell in love with this “normal girl” and is really strong and athletic. it’s hilarious at some points and they fall in love and i didn’t really understand the ending but i loved it.

hyakujuu kingdom was about this school since that school was always being hassled by delinquents this guy showed up and made a deal that he would get rid of the delinquents if he would “rule” the school and he becomes the student council president and is like a tyrannical king at the beginning. but the vice president is the only one who disagrees with him and then there’s this really sweet love story as they try to find out more about each other and it was just cute

some other works are bara no dangan, bitter trap, and anya kouro.

all the stories are adorable and cute. lots of comedy and romance. i think even a shounen lover i told to read one of the oneshots liked it

P.S. hana ni arashi was licensed so if it isn’t at mangafox then try another site. i read it on mangahere


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