Himegimi To Sanbiki No Kemono

this is another great shoujo that has really  hot guys and a strong female lead so i loved it

the story was about a country’s princess and the queen that always made her stay indoors and not really do anything. one day a note arrives saying that the infamous three beats will come and steal the treasure that was left with the princess by the former king. when those thieves arrive, a lot of stuff happens and it just turns into a touching and hilarious story.

if you love a good shoujo and love strong princess characters, you’ll like this one

some other mangas by the same mangaka are nageku shinigami (a great shoujo oneshot but it gets really sad and it has a really sweet romance) and hadaka no oujisama (a funny oneshot about a rich kid who is forced to go and live in an apartment and learn to live humbly)


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