Suzuki Julietta

i absolutely love this mangaka! her stories are cute, hilarious, and the art is amazing

some of my favorite mangas by her are:

Kamisama Hajimemashita which is about a girl whose dad gets a lot of debts and she gets kicked out her house. then she “defends” a man that she meets from a dog and he tells her that she should go to his house if she’s got nowhere to go. it turns out that he was th previous god of the shrine and now he’s made her the new god and from now on she has to live in a shrine with a grumpy (and sexy) familiar and two other spirits and it follows her crazy story of godhood.

akuma to dolce is about a girl who uses magic circles to summon demons to help her when she needs help sometimes and since demons love sweet things she can make the best pastries. one day, she accidently summons a strong demon named beaut and after tasting her sweets, they become friends and it’s a really sweet romance.

another manga is karakuri odette and it’s about this robot who was built by a genius scientist so she looks exactly like a human and how she goes to school and slowly learns about making friends and having a school life and falling in love. it’s cute and touching at some points so read this too!

and finally: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (unfortunately i can’t remember any mangas with thanksgiving scenes but if i do, I’ll post it ASAP)


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