this another great new shoujo that has a past life thing too but it’s shiomi chika so you know it’s a good manga.

it’s about a writer named yukari who writes a lot of really good novels about the red light district in the edo period (?) but doesn’t have to do any research about the time because he can remember some stuff about his past life. then, a fan of his books (mahoro) comes and visits him and her visit triggers something and he starts to take these mental journeys into moments of his past life and slowly helps the people who were reincarnated into his time.

the art is gorgeous and the story is funny so if you like historical romances, you’ll like this

some of her other works are rasetsu and yurara no tsuki. those are the only two that i read anyways but they’re both about supernatural stuff so if you like ghosts and exorcists and romance, read those!


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One response to “Yukarism

  • shrutianime

    Sounds great!! I love historical drama and romance, and this seems like a perfect read, hadn’t come across this one before, I wonder why. >.<

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