Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi

this is the funniest manga about a guy with OCD ever! Death the Kid? Senda just used his hazmat suit to kick him to the curb

it’s about this guy named Senda who on a fateful day went to the amusement park and saw this guy pick his nose then touch the entire ride’s seat so then he became distrustful of his surroundings. and it just follows his crazy life and how he can deal with romance and friendship too.

it’s shounen and shoujo with a lot of comedy and the story is hilarious so if you love a good fun read, this is for you.

some other mangas by the same mangaka are:

Jiujiu which is a sad story about a girl who lost her brother when she was little because her family hunts demons. so she decided that if people were going to die then she didn’t need anyone around her like friends. then she meets these two werewolves and it turns into a really touching story.

Sarashi Asobi is about a shinigami who likes to kill time by playing games with the people he meets. so when he meets Ren, a high school girl who is a huge tsundere and is always saying harsh things but actually means something else, he decides to play an exposing game with her before she dies. and then they become close and he slowly learns to trust people again and it’s a sweet little romance.


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