Monthly Archives: December 2011

Hanasaku Iroha

this an anime i’ve been meaning to watch for a long time now and i finally started it!

the show is about a girl named ohana who has a really bad mom. one day, her mom runs away with her boyfriend and tells her to go to a hot spring inn called kissuiso since her grandma is there. the second she arrives, ohana is put to work to earn her keep and she undergoes training to become a waitress at the inn. it’s a really good slice of life story that makes you laugh sometimes then makes you cry.

it’s got romance, a cute tsundere, a lot of humor (but you have to get through the first two episodes then you start to love the show), and it’s just a good anime so i totally recommend it!


so it’s finally december! yay! snow, freezing cold at the train stops, and getting sick all over again.

this is just a heads up for the world: i am going to post so many mangas and point out christmas chapters and just go crazy so be forewarned (i tried my hand at being santa-y there…)

Bara no Maria

this is one of my favorite shounen/shoujo mangas and it’s hilarious and a great read if you like action

Maria Rose is a boy that looks like a girl (I was convinced he was a girl until chapter nine!) and since he lives in a time where murder, robbery and all that jazz happens on a daily basis in the city, he has to be even more cautious. One day he gets his sword stolen and joins his group in an underground raid but nothing about his job is as it seems. There’s also a funny plot in the story about a guy named Aizan who falls in love with him/her and he’s known as a really great fighter and a leader of his own group and you just have to read it!

the art is gorgeous, there’s a lot of humor, and a little bit of romance so read it! i loved it