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Sayonara Football

if you haven’t noticed from all my other posts, i love mangas that have a strong female character. this manga is no exception

it’s about this girl named Onda Nozomi who is amazing at soccer (football) and she can keep up with the male players at her school’s soccer team but soccer is a very physical sport and since she’s a girl, things are tough. but she’s determined to play in an official match and uses all her tactics to try to get the coach to agree.

if i make the manga sound like she does something illegal, she doesn’t. it’s nice to see a girl try to be equal to guys so definitely read try this

Guruguru Meguru

this is a hilarious shoujo that’s, I’ll admit it, a little weird

it’s about a pure and innocent girl named Meguru who went to school at an all girls school but now is starting her high school life at a co-ed school. Her parents have been overseas for the last eight years so her older brother practically raised her and developed a sister complex. Then Meguru meets her classmate named Yuuma who immediately falls in love with her and it just follows her crazy life as her brother and Yuuma try to win her over.

it’s funny, the art is gorgeous , and you’ll love it

some other works by HATTA Ayuko are also great so definitely read them too:

Boku No Sekai Kimi No Real

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji which is about this girl who always lies to her friends that she has a great boyfriend then claims that a guy she met off the street was her boyfriend. turns out he’s her classmate and despite his looks is actually kinda mean so they’re forced to act like a couple. (you can imagine the rest)

Warui Ko no Mikata


here’s a great shounen with magic, a lot of gore, and fighting but it’s good

the story is about a country that was taken over by this huge ass called Demonas and he made the entire country suck then tried to forcibly marry the princess. the prince of the country supposedly died a few years before but at their wedding, he comes and summons this huge creature which kills Demonas. There have only been three chapters out so i’m pretty sure it’s about how Lucas, the prince, gets back his power and kills bandits around the country.

the art is great, lots of action, and some of the guys are really hot (see the end of chapter 3 😉 )

Fetish Berry (Happy Valentines Day!)

this is a hilarious shoujo and very romantic (ish)

it’s about a girl named hiyori who is obsessed with guy hands, hair, voices, etc. to the point that she has to wear a mask and sunglasses to school in order to restrain herself. then she meets narita, the perfect guy that has all the great qualities that she loves. when he finds out about her secret, her entire high school life gets turned upside down

very funny, the art is adorable, and hiyori has hilarious reactions so read this! it’s a very promising manga

Fetish Berry

personally, i love Aki Arata so here’s some of the other mangas you should read too:

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi which is about this girl who hates guys so she acts like a guy. In order to make her girlier, her parents send her to an all boys school. crazy, funny, and sometimes kinda weird but you’ll like it

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Sousoukyoku Nightmare which is about this store named Aries where a child incarnation of Baku, a dream dweller, is and  he basically gives you human experiences and he feeds on your nightmares. it’s a good read.

Blood Parade

this a good shoujo/shounen manga with vampires and something i’d like to consider romance

it’s about this guy named Gile whose family was killed by the original pureblood vampire and tried to become one of the twelve apostles, and orginaization who protects the world from vampires, and kill that original pureblood. one day he gets partnered up with a girl named luna who is mysterious and has a witty attitude. as they work together and get to know each other better, it seems there’s more to luna than he had first thought. (that’s as far as i’m willing to say without spoiling the story)

the art is absolutely gorgeous, luna is a really cute character, and you’ll love the story

Xue Lian

usually i can’t find any good chinese mangas (manhwa, whatever you call it) but is a good shoujo

it’s another great demon and human love story thing. but don’t just not read it and pass it off as a bad version of hana to akuma! it’s pretty good in it’s good way. this demon named nian picked up a human baby he found in the forest and after fifteen years he falls in love with her. then some other things happen and at first i liked him but then i didn’t. ok, i’ll stop there before i spoil the story 

anyways, it has great art, nice romantic plot so check this out

Pureblood Boyfriend

Another great shoujo but it’s also got a nice vampire twist.

it’s about this girl Kana who came to her famous school on a sports scholarship but got injured. one day she saves girl from getting run over in the street and gets hurt herself. then her childhood friend appears, bites her throat and turns her into his servant. turns out he’s a vampire (and very hot 😉 ) and he’s participating in a game that is he can find and collect all the other stigmas (these weird tattoo things) in the world, he’ll become the ultimate being.

there’s a lot of romance, kind of weird lines here and there, but the art is absolutely gorgeous and all the guys are really hot so anyone who wants a really good shoujo, read this