Fetish Berry (Happy Valentines Day!)

this is a hilarious shoujo and very romantic (ish)

it’s about a girl named hiyori who is obsessed with guy hands, hair, voices, etc. to the point that she has to wear a mask and sunglasses to school in order to restrain herself. then she meets narita, the perfect guy that has all the great qualities that she loves. when he finds out about her secret, her entire high school life gets turned upside down

very funny, the art is adorable, and hiyori has hilarious reactions so read this! it’s a very promising manga

Fetish Berry

personally, i love Aki Arata so here’s some of the other mangas you should read too:

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi which is about this girl who hates guys so she acts like a guy. In order to make her girlier, her parents send her to an all boys school. crazy, funny, and sometimes kinda weird but you’ll like it

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Sousoukyoku Nightmare which is about this store named Aries where a child incarnation of Baku, a dream dweller, is and  he basically gives you human experiences and he feeds on your nightmares. it’s a good read.


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