Guruguru Meguru

this is a hilarious shoujo that’s, I’ll admit it, a little weird

it’s about a pure and innocent girl named Meguru who went to school at an all girls school but now is starting her high school life at a co-ed school. Her parents have been overseas for the last eight years so her older brother practically raised her and developed a sister complex. Then Meguru meets her classmate named Yuuma who immediately falls in love with her and it just follows her crazy life as her brother and Yuuma try to win her over.

it’s funny, the art is gorgeous , and you’ll love it

some other works by HATTA Ayuko are also great so definitely read them too:

Boku No Sekai Kimi No Real

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji which is about this girl who always lies to her friends that she has a great boyfriend then claims that a guy she met off the street was her boyfriend. turns out he’s her classmate and despite his looks is actually kinda mean so they’re forced to act like a couple. (you can imagine the rest)

Warui Ko no Mikata


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