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Blood Parade

this a good shoujo/shounen manga with vampires and something i’d like to consider romance

it’s about this guy named Gile whose family was killed by the original pureblood vampire and tried to become one of the twelve apostles, and orginaization who protects the world from vampires, and kill that original pureblood. one day he gets partnered up with a girl named luna who is mysterious and has a witty attitude. as they work together and get to know each other better, it seems there’s more to luna than he had first thought. (that’s as far as i’m willing to say without spoiling the story)

the art is absolutely gorgeous, luna is a really cute character, and you’ll love the story

Natsume Yuujinchou

this has to be in my top favorite shoujo mangas ever. it’s sad, funny, and there’s an anime!

the story follows the book of friends that is a collection of numerous youkai‘s signatures and gives the owner of the book the power to control all those youkai. then natsume, who can see youkai, inherits the book from his grandmother who was notorious for defeating youkai back in her day. when he was younger his parents died and forced him to be moved from relative to relative and each of them ended up not liking him because he could see youkai. after moving with the fujiwaras who are kind and let him live with them, he starts to meet youkai and gets to know them more

it’s a touching story and the art in the manga is a little bit messy but i just love this so definitely check it out

Shounen Hakaryuudo

this is a shounen/josei/shoujo manga that i fell in love with just last night

it’s about how in this world there are nymphes and since there’s this legend that says nymphe wings give you happiness some people became nymphe hunters. in order to protect the nymphe, the a conservation group was created. ren, a guy who looks like a girl, is a nymphe hunter out for vengeance and happens to meet ciel, a conservation member, on a ship. A lot of things happen and they start to travel with each other but both have dark pasts. it’s got a lot of  humor and if only ren were a girl it would e the perfect shoujo ever

the art’s great and the story has colorful characters so read it! you’ll get caught up in the story

Bokura no Kiseki

this is a shounen/shoujo manga that i really love! at first i thought that it would be another cliched story but it turned out to be really good.

there’s this regular male student in the class but when he was little he used to talk about remembering what happened in his past life. and that past life happened to be the life of a princess back in medieval times (i think?) and back then they could use magic. when he gets bullied, he’s actually able to remember the magic from his past life and the story just follows how he learns more about the princess and meets other people who had lived with his past life and are also starting to remember everything too.

i really loved this story. a lot of action, terrific art, and a little bit of romance so if you like fantasy mangas, this is the one for you

Mishounen Produce

this is another shoujo that i love. it’s got incredible art, all the works by Ichinose Kaoru are incredible, and her stories are just amazing

the story is about a girl who is obsessed with a manga and has helped her childhood friend by becoming a sexy model. even though she usually looks plain with her glasses on, once they come off it turns out that she is really pretty so hes trying to keep her looks a secret from everyone and she tries to make him the best model out there and produce him.

it sounds weird but the story is just great and i love all of their crazy characters!

some of her other works are 3 Hearts, Ipaasha, Kamisama no Sonata, Megane Danshi Shinkastesu, Soleil, and Suits no Kuni. i recommend those too is you like cute oneshots