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Nobara no Hanayome

here’s another cute shoujo with a storyline that is pretty similar to wild ones but read this anyways

it’s about a girl named chizuru whose mom borrowed a hundred million yen then skipped town. just when she’s about get into trouble, kuze who’s the third heir to the umegaki gang shoulders the debt for her and in return she has to be his fiancee. and so she has to pretend in school, go through spartan training, and deal with all the other weirdos that she meets and it’s a really cute manga.

The art’s gorgeous, there are cute romantic moments, if you like shoujo mangas you’ll love this

the mangaka also wrote two other oneshots and they’re both adorable:

The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress

Moujuu wa Ori no Naka


Taiyou no Ie

this is a really cute and sad shoujo so if you don’t want to cry your eyes out then laugh because mao has such a cute character, skip this one.

the story follows mao and when she was younger, her parents hadn’t gotten along and divorced so the only place she was happy was when she was with the Nakamura family. One day, the parents of the Nakamura family passed away in an accident so all the siblings had to move to stay with other relatives. (i hate stories like that! *natsume yuujinchou*) now she’s in high school and one of the Nakamura siblings, Hiro, is now an office worker (?) and when he dad remarries, she decides to stay with Hiro and it gets really cute and it’s a good  read.

all the other works by Taamo are really good to so read them too! here’s a list:

Wagahai wa Yome de Aru

Shoujo no Melancholy

Onegai, Sensei

Koi Tsukiyo no Himegoto

Isshoni Ofuro (cute oneshots, nothing perverted if you’re wondering about the title…)

Hatsukoi Rocket

Ano Ko to Boku no Ie

Happy Holidays! (W-Juliet)

sorry for the late post but i’ve been caught up in family, shopping, and sweet desserts but now i’m finally gonna post!

earlier today i started a new manga called W-Juliet and it’s got a funny and cute plot. It’s about this girl named Ito who looks more like a guy than a girl and a guy named Makoto who wants to become and actor but his dad doesn’t want him to so he made a deal that if he spent his high school life as a girl, he’d get to be an actor. Well, they meet fall in love and the story follows their crazy high school life together ;).

I also recommend all the other mangas by Emura like:

W-Juliet II (if you like W-Juliet, then read this too of course)

Grand Sun was a great read! i completely recommend it!

Michibata no Tenshi

Kyou mo Ashita mo

and Gokuraku Doumei although i didn’t really like this one

if you want to read any new years/chirstmas manga chapters and anime episodes here’s my list:

W-Juliet read chapters 18 and 19

Kaichou wa Maid Sama read chapter 56

a cute christmas oneshot i found was Ore no Subete ga Kimi no Mono

watch episode 17-19 of Toradora!

chapter 131.5 in Skip Beat!

episode 9 of Fruits Basket

If there are others you can think of, just add a comment but i can’t remember anymore new years/christmas scenes

Well, happy holidays. watch this video, i saw it and cried http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIEamakLoY&list=FLwd_RLtkQug2u8iI4fcT9vQ&index=2&feature=plpp_video. please don’t expect another post until a few days into january. we bought sparkling cider so……i’ll be out for a few days 😉

Akizuki Sorata

this is another amazing mangaka. if you like shoujo romanaces with a strong female character, definitely check out her mangas.

my favorite manga has to be Akagami no Shirayukihime. it’s an adorable story about a red haired girl who has to run away from her house after a prince tries to marry her. while on the run, she meets zen who turns out to be the prince of a wealthy kingdom and after he shows up and saves her from the other prince, he offers her the chance to become a physician. the story basically follows them working together and it gets really cute 😉

there’s also Seishun Kouryakuhon which is about a all male school next to an all female school and one day, Isesaki who is a second year student at the school, falls in love with a girl he saw while walking to school. (he saw her while looking through a window….kinda creepy but sweet) then the story just follows their crazy high school life 😉 it’s funny and their friendships are really sweet.

she’s also written a lot of cute oneshots like:

Vahlia no Hanamuko

Otogibanashi no Fude

Fuyu Hodoki

Ginsekai no Shoumei

bokura o tsunaide

they’re all really sweet and cute and perfect shoujos so read them!

Ogura Akane

here is another great mangaka and i absolutely love all of her mangas! they’re all adorable 😉

a famous one is Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen which is about a prince and a princess who decide to marry each other for the war between their kingdoms to end. At first, they hate each other since each of their armies have killed people but after a while they start to spend more time together and there’s also a lot corruption involved too.

there’s mademoiselle butterfly which is about a girl who is childhood friends with a tattoo artist but he is much older than her so even though she loves him, he doesn’t like her back. i didn’t really like this manga though

there are also a lot of oneshots like:

ousama game that is about a girl who is sent to a palace in order to kill the prince there. it’s just a cute oneshot about a tsundere falling in love

genius house is another story about a girl who becomes the manager of a dorm full of geniuses and even though they don’t like each other at first they all become….friends? not that much romance but it’s a sweet story

Ao no Rhapsodia is about a girl whose dad was a famous pirate and was the only man to ever make it to a secret island filled with treasure. Now that he is dead, she now has the map and was chased for years but pirates until she met a pirate named Crane

dr. rabbit is about a genius who invented a special rabbit named alice and it follows the story of her bodyguard who has to protect her newest invention. it’s a good story

Dr. Rabbit


i know that i’ve already posted 1/2 Love! in november but here is the managaka of 1/2 Love and her other mangas are adorable 😉

junai bride is about this girl whose family went bankrupt and suddenly she is forced to marry the president of a company to cover her family’s debts. of course, she doesn’t want to get married and even tries to run away from the marriage by climbing to the side of the building but after meeting him, they get to know each other better. it’s full of oneshots so if you love a good shoujo, you’ll like this

another manga is Zutto Suki Datta Kuse Ni and even though i’m usually against student teacher mangas, this one was fairly decent….