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Komura Ayumi

another fine managaka (i just realized lately that i’ve only been posting mangakas and not single titles…) but i especially love her because all her stories are drop dead hilarious and really cute

my favorite one is usotsuki lily. the plot sounds…weird but if you liked ouran high school host club, you’ll list this. it’s about a guy named En who is famous for cross dressing as a girl (and is totally gorgeous when he does so i’m jealous) and he asks a girl named hinata out on a date. when he confessed though, he wasn’t cross dressing and hinata has a weakness against hot guys so of course she says yes. then it just gets crazy and they have this really funny stupid couple love 😉 read if you want to laugh and cry and squeal like a fangirl all in the same chapter

now the guy version of en:

a more famous manga is mixed vegetables. still funny and the plot line is yet again…kinda weird. Hana is the daughter of a patisserie and was raised to inherit her family’s shop but actually she’s always wanted to be a sushi chef instead.  Hayato is the son of a sushi chef but has always loved pastries more so one day hana hatches a plan to marry into his family in order to work as a sushi chef. After the first plot thing happens, it turns into a cute and really funny story so read this too!

it just hit me that most of her mangas have really weird storylines…. well Joousama no Tamago was kinda awkward at first (still kinda is actually) but it was funny at certain moments so i liked it-ish. it’s about a country that is filled with Ms and the princess and queen of this country are Ss and that’s just how things are. one day mia, the princess, has to go out into the real world and spend a year with people in order to become the queen. she was raised to basically bully and step on other people so when she goes to a regular high school…you can kinda imagine how crazy things get.

last one is hybrid berry which is fairly normal. it’s about a girl named Aoyagi who loves gardening (gardening otaku) and joins the baseballe team to get the attention of the guy she likes who is also on the baseball team. Soon, she grows closer to him but her hectic days of loving baseball and having to pretend to be a boy begin.