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Ibara no Okite

this is a really sweet and sad shoujo because it’s so sweet and i cried at some moments but i loved it

it’s about this really unfair world where social status is what dominates your life. then there’s “the demon king’s” castle where the master of the castle is an orphan and took over when he was young so now all the butlers have control. there’s also a rule that whenever the master walks by, all the servants have to face the wall and never look into his eyes or at his face. (geez, prejudiced much?) priscilla is a maid at the castle and on her day off, she meets the master of the castle himself but actually he turns out to be just a regular guy. then the trouble starts

the art is gorgeous and the story is really good. plus, it’s kinda short if you just want a quick read so definitely check this out

Yukimura Yuni also wrote this adorable oneshot that i absolutely love. it’s about a witch and how she’s not as bad as witches are supposed to be. then she takes on a job to wake up the prince. it’s really cute so read this too